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Inspiring plans for The Yard Gorey

The Yard will bring a beautiful restaurant, traditional deli and cultural hub to the heart of Gorey. The project is well underway and the Jersey architects are hard at work transforming this long neglected site. The Yard is scheduled to open with much fanfare in 2016.

Proposals for the redevelopment of the old Gorey boatyard and Old Sail Loft shop were approved by the Planning Applications Panel in 2014. The much-anticipated project will provide a new dining experience to locals and tourists alike, offering panoramic views across Gorey harbour and upwards towards the castle battlements. It will include two much sought after retail outlets – a delicatessen and an artisan home ware store. The atrium will also play host to cultural events, farmers markets and arts and crafts.

Concepts for the interior design are currently being fashioned. The owner of the site, Laurraine Falle, will be sourcing products from all over Europe whilst also reclaiming specialist items from Jersey to tell the story of the building’s history.

It’s exciting times in The Yard’s development. This website will act as a hub to deliver the latest news in the run up to the big launch of this innovative project.

With site owner Laurraine Falle

  • What is your vision for the new restaurant?
  • I believe Gorey is in need of new ideas and investment and I am confident that everyone, including other businesses on the pier, will benefit from our plans. I will be preserving the distinctive architecture of the existing building, which has been empty for years. I hope to create an exciting restaurant to be known as ‘The Yard’, which in style will be like none other in Jersey. The setting will offer opportunity for culture, entertainment, and community gatherings. A focal point will be an open kitchen with a spectacular fire pit. On the terraces diners will enjoy views over the harbour across Grouville Bay and upwards to the Castle battlements. It will be a place to sample Jersey produce, exhibit local crafts, a meeting point for tourists going and coming from the Castle and a place to mingle. It will, I hope, also provide stimulus to the tourist industry on which so many aspects of our way of life depends.
  • What can the deli provide that we don’t already have on the pier?
  • I am constantly being told that a local deli is long overdue on Gorey Pier and I’m thrilled at the prospect of introducing one. It will be a place to purchase locally sourced fresh produce and artisan baked goods. There will also be smoked salmon, hams, pickles, cheeses and spices and we shall create our own homemade range of dressings and chutneys. I want to support local producers and farmers in the area and provide an outlet for the sale of their goods also. This will work in conjunction with a planned farmers’ market offering even more scope for tantalizing produce available in the east of the Island. I hope that people will come to me with suggestions and advice to help it all happen.
  • Is there demand for another restaurant in Gorey?
  • Most definitely. I have for many months been sustained by loyal supporters of Feast, my existing restaurant, and people enthused at the prospect of a project which will bring a new experience to life on the Pier. Gorey is declared in the Island Plan to be a “principal tourist destination”, yet in recent years Gorey has seen the loss to residential development of Jersey Pottery and the Drive In BBQ. My new enterprise will certainly not be large enough to replace them or indeed to meet the increased demand of the new residential developments; all licensed premises should benefit from the increased numbers of potential customers living within easy walking distance of the Pier.
  • Will this cause parking issues for the area?
  • For all the obvious reasons, Gorey is a popular destination and inevitably attracts a disproportionate number of visitors. But short of creating new areas for parking, the physical limitations govern the number of people able to drive and park. Those who wish to enjoy the best the Pier has to offer will make the effort. For my part I am keen to work with all who have an interest in Gorey to come up with solutions designed to help us all. Fortunately, we enjoy the Island’s most frequent bus service with four routes into Gorey Pier; more are being considered by LibertyBus. My support for this Plan has extended to making a contribution to the Eastern Cycle Route Fund in the hope that the new cycle path will provide a safe route from Town to Gorey on two wheels instead of four.
  • Have you been in dialogue with local residents recently?
  • I have been greatly warmed at the reaction I have received from a number of people, many of them complete strangers, who have given me their good wishes. I have also attended meetings at the Public Hall including the Parish Assembly in November to consider the application of my company Sail Loft Gorey Ltd for the grant of provisional liquor licenses. The meeting was very well attended by persons expressing views both for and against the application. I was delighted when after a full debate of the issues, the Assembly by a large majority, supported my application.
  • Will the new establishment cause noise and disruption to gorey residents?
  • There are obviously times in the early morning or late in the evening when a single shout would be grossly out of place. At other times of the day and night Gorey is quite properly full of bustle and fun. I certainly intend my new project to make its full contribution to such joie de vivre! That said, I do not plan to keep the new restaurant open later than other establishments on the Pier. Most shut their doors before the statutory closing time of 1 a.m. I hope to be able however, on occasion, to host an event lasting until the official closing time. However, the enclosed site of the restaurant is calculated to dampen noise and the terraces are set back from the quayside and not on the pavement. I value the reputation we have built up at Feast as responsible restaurateurs and there is nothing planned for the new venture which would put my reputation at risk or give those living in this special and lovely area any reason to worry.
  • When the yard opens will you be closing feast restaurant?
  • Absolutely not! Feast is my first love. I am very proud of it and my talented kitchen crew and front of house staff are truly dedicated and excited to be part of our growth as a company. We know Feast to be highly regarded and we all rejoice in its popularity. The new restaurant and delicatessen will complement Feast, not replace it.
  • When do you intend to open the new venture?
  • Fingers crossed, it will all be ready to be unveiled in the autumn of 2015! Please keep an eye on this website for updates.

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